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With nothing on some shelves but a shadow, current extreme shortages include meat such as corned beef or ham, tinned potatoes, tomatoes, long life milk and jam. This week despite a severe reduction in volunteers available as they rightly make appropriate self isolation adjustments referrals have been received requesting delivery of food for 69 adults and children across Rossendale. That includes food sufficient to provide 1449 meals including fresh items such as milk, fruit and vegetables, where we manage to buy them, plus toiletries and essential items such as soap, shampoo, shower gel and toilet roll where we can. We are making arrangements to enable our team to maximise social distancing to protect volunteers as well as people we deliver to who are in crisis need whilst doing our best to maintain a 3 days a week delivery model. This is only going to be sustainable if we all work together and share ideas and time working together to reduce need for food parcel deliveries. One of our lovely and dedicated team members has kept herself busy, whilst self isolating, contacting organisations to find out which local businesses are still taking orders for doorstep deliveries. You will find details below which will be updated as we find out about more . There was never a better time to celebrate the wider community benefits supporting local businesses !

Shortage List: September 2020

Meat such as corned beef or ham, Long Life Milk, Tea, Coffee & Sugar, Meat meals, tinned tomatoes, potatoes, custard & rice pudding, toothpaste, soap, sanitary pads, nappies sizes 5 to 6 plus and pet food for dogs and cats Seasonal shortages - Gifts for all ages, especially Mums and teenagers as they are in very short supply. Mince Pies, selection boxes, Sponge pudding or Christmas pudding, wrapping paper and tape