Total number of meals delivered in 2013: 74,000

Meals delivered in 2014 up to 19th July: 26,934

Welcome to The Raft Foundation web site. We are a community group formed in 2012 to serve and support the community of Rossendale, Lancashire. Our projects to date include the provision of the largest food bank provision to Rossendale (74,000 meals delivered in 2013) This has been achieved through the incredible support of our colleague volunteers, faith and community groups right across Rossendale as well as from our amazing business community who continually support what we do.

As part of our grow wild project we have a new colleague/volunteer.

Relocating from Kew Gardens to Rossendale we welcome Oliver Montgomery Green.

In order for him to get to know our beautiful valley he will be making visits to some special locations as well as assisting with the work we do.

Can you spot where he has been last night ?

To keep up with where he has been see our donation point map with the special OMG location tags.

omg and lol where have you been

OMG where have you been