Welcome to The Raft Foundation We are a constituted community group formed in 2012 to serve and support the community of Rossendale, Lancashire. Our projects to date include the only Rossendale based foodbank service. This has been achieved through the incredible support of our colleague volunteers, faith and community groups right across Rossendale as well as from our amazing business community who continually support what we do.

In celebration of Volunteering week, Raft Volunteers shared their experiances and what Raft means to then. Click on the images to view the videos on You Tube.

Meat such as corned beef or ham, Long Life Milk, Tea, Coffee & Sugar, Meat meals, tinned tomatoes, potatoes, custard & rice pudding, toothpaste, soap, sanitary pads, nappies sizes 5 to 6 plus and pet food for dogs and cats Seasonal shortages - Gifts for all ages, especially Mums and teenagers as they are in very short supply. Mince Pies, selection boxes, Sponge pudding or Christmas pudding, wrapping paper and tape

Great news, Whitworth now has a donation point at the Co-op in Whitworth.
With referrals for families throughout our beautiful Valley at an all-time high and the long school holidays approaching this is wonderful news from Whitworth.
Thanks Rachael Barker for co-ordinating this and yes please talk to us about the work currently underway around tackling holiday hunger


As referrals increase and the school holiday lunch project pilot approaches every donation really, really matters.
Say Hello to our lovely neighbour with a truly accessible donation point in a truly beautiful part of our Valley. Thank you Ayesha Communications.

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