Philip Soapbox

News: 12/10/14

Fed with a bed, fridge, a cup, a plate, bedding, a chair and a table A special thanks to our dedicated volunteers who when delivering one of our parcels listened and discovered that what was needed was more than just food. Our support of this client could only have occurred with the help of our growing network allowing us the privilege of supporting those in crisis need. Soapbox Racing It was great to be able to support Maxine, Sharon and Philip down at Stubbyleee on Saturday. Together with Lancashire Road Riders we were able to link with a new volunteer and gain an increasing understanding of our incredible community of Rossendale. Thanks go to everyone who bought a raffle ticket in our Tombola as well as to Eleanor and Vincent for their donation. A great autumn day in Rossendale Fuel poverty A change in seasons brings the issue of fuel poverty centre to our thoughts. The Raft Foundation this week alone following requests delivered four volunteer knitted blankets. If you want to join us and knit for Rossendale then come along to our next volunteer meeting at Hardmans Mill on 6th November to find our more. Woof, meow, grrrr Seven of our four legged friends also received support this week with food parcels being supplemented on request. We say thank you to Bleakholt and Rossendale responsible Pets as well as our donators for understanding that a loved family member can have four legs as well. 38th Rossendale Beaver Colony This week we received a visit from 38th Rossendale Beaver Colony as part of their friendship challenge. We shared a wonderful evening listening and talking about our community and how we help and support each other. Some very interesting questions from the beavers gave us an insight to some very well informed young people who hold a strong view of family and community.