Welcome to The Raft Foundation We are a constituted community group formed in 2012 to serve and support the community of Rossendale, Lancashire. Our projects to date include the only Rossendale based foodbank service. This has been achieved through the incredible support of our colleague volunteers, faith and community groups right across Rossendale as well as from our amazing business community who continually support what we do.

keep it local

News: 17/02/14 Special thank you goes to Creamline Dairies of Manchester for donating 300 x 500 ml cartons of long life milk last week. This will provide us with 2 months of stock for this most important element of our parcel. Our thanks to Trevor White of Creamline Dairies for this incredible donation and The Raft Foundation colleague / volunteer Nicola Johnson for her hard work in the background.

Creamline Dairies

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