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Welcome to The Raft Foundation

We are a charity formed as a community group in 2012 to serve and support the                      

community of Rossendale, Lancashire.


Our projects to date include the only Rossendale based foodbank service.


This has been achieved through the incredible support of our colleague volunteers, faith

and community groups right across Rossendale as well as from our amazing business community

who continually support what we do.










Charity No: 1191272

The Raft Foundation runs Rossendale's Foodbank! The Raft Foundation was created in Rossendale, Lancashire by local people to assist families and individuals experiencing financial hardship.

Thursday 4th July:


So what is in a Raft Foundation food parcel ?


Firstly how we bring the parcel together and deliver is very different .


All the items come from the incredible support and donations from individuals, faith/community groups, schools, children's centres and businesses throughout the Rossendale area.


All donations are centrally coordinated within Rossendale and delivered by colleague volunteers within a 48 hour referral window to individuals/couples and families within the Rossendale valley only.


Uniquely we provide:


1 weeks food for an individual, couple or family


1 week food parcels especially designed for individuals who are homeless or rough sleeping to provide up to two days needs at a time.




Fresh fruit and vegetables

Fresh bread


Fresh milk


Breakfast cereal/oats/muesli

Tinned carbohydrates and protein

Pasta and or rice

Tinned fish

Tinned fruit and desserts

Personal hygiene products (soap, tooth paste, toilet paper)

Children's /family specific items: Juice, crisps, biscuits


Our food parcels are as a reaction to those in crisis need only.


From  receipt of the food parcel request through to delivery our colleague volunteers offer assistance to the individual, couple or family directing them to as well as assisting partner agencies who can offer further specific support and aim towards self help and a resolution of the crisis need.












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