Special requirements:

We adapt our food parcels to accommodate allergies/food intolerance, specials diets including vegetarian and parcels adapted to those clients who do not have cooking facilities such as cookers/hobs/microwave or slow cookers.

In addition where donations allow a street homeless rucksack pack is issued as required.

This pack consists of:

Rucksack, Sleeping bag, Torch, Gloves, Hat Socks
Fleece Food and drink items which do not require cooking facilities

Over 34 packs have been issued to street homeless clients in Rossendale.

We can confirm that all clients through working with The Raft Foundation and the referring agency now have stable accommodation.

The Rossendale Foodbank Model

The Raft Foundation was formed in Rossendale, Lancashire by local people to assist communities, families and individuals who are in crisis need within the Rossendale Valley. Our projects currently include the provision and delivery of an independent 100% volunteer lead and managed foodbank service collecting and delivering to clients homes within the Rossendale Valley through individual, faith/community volunteer groups and local/national business donations. We do not take self referrals but request potential clients engage with an appropriate referral agency who will work to ensure the appropriate intervention support is entered into. Our policy is a maximum number of 6 parcels may be requested in 12 months for an individual or family. We are pleased to confirm that our average re referral rate is 2.6 parcels, this we believe is a testament of the collaborative work entered into by the referral agency, ourselves and the client. Our service provides individuals and families 7 day parcel and provides subject to donations: Fresh fruit and vegetables Fresh milk, cheese and bread Long life products, Cereals, Tinned goods, Rice/Pasta Tea/Coffee, Fruit juices, Household cleaning products Personal hygiene products, Seasonal content (Christmas and Easter) Nappies, Pet Food

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